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The purpose of this site is for the members of the Property Owners Association of Floriston, California is to be able to access the public records and documents concerning the Association and be a source for additional important information.

Floriston, the town of flowers, is located on the Truckee River, 10 miles east-northeast of Truckee in Nevada County,  California. The population as of July 1, 2015, was 71.

The town of Floriston was built by the Floriston Pulp and Paper Company in 1899 to house employees of their paper mill.  It was said to be the second-largest paper mill in the world at its time, with 500 employees.

Floriston has a colorful past; being a major stop for the railroad in the 1800s. Its proximity to the Boca Ice Company (“Iceland”), where the trains were able to get ice for their shipments, and its large 52-room hotel with a spring-loaded dance floor, put Floriston on the map.  An old postcard of Floriston displayed the cable bridge over the Truckee that allowed town access at one time.

After the mill shut down, Floriston became a ghost town until a lawyer named Preston Wright from San Francisco bought the town. In 1947, he created the Floriston Property Owners Association, Inc.

Over the years, families have moved back to Floriston creating an eclectic, diverse, and proud community of well-educated, independent-thinking people who value rural living. The town is responsible for all services including water, road, and sewer provision. In 1995, Floriston became a Mutual Benefit Corporation. The old schoolhouse continues to be a place of town meetings and community events such as weddings, funerals, and general gatherings.

The Floriston Property Owners Association provides water, sewer, and road services to 43 parcels in Floriston, California.

The Association is managed by its Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors currently consists of Ben Lyhne, Gary Mapa, Simone Grandmain, Anthony Saraceno, and Myles Beyer.

Board meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at the school house.

Agendas are posted on this website at least 4 days prior to the meeting.

Road, Water & Sewer reports are by year and month.

Interim financial statements are available in the “Treasurer Report” by year and month. We endeavor to post the summary profit and loss statements for the end of the last fiscal year and for each month of the current fiscal year on this site. We also endeavor to post the balance sheets for the same periods here. Financials for periods prior to that are available by requesting them from the Board. Minutes are posted within 30 days after the meeting was held.

Board of Directors

President – Ben Lyhne
Vice-President – Gary Mapa
Secretary – Simone Grandmain
Treasurer – Anthony Saraceno
RWSC – Myles Beyer



All Floriston town monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm in the Floriston Schoolhouse.

Annual meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of May every year at 6 pm at the Floriston School House.

Thank you everyone,
Ben Lyhne/President FPOA

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Association Address

Floriston Property Owners Association

22261 Juniper St.

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